Friday, November 21, 2008

Twenty-One of Thirty

So my poor kitty has feline leukemia. It is not treatable from what we can tell. They are going to try him on steroids for a month or so and see if that helps...I guess sometimes it can but most of the time it does not. He has lost so much weight. It is so hard for us to believe that is what he has because he is not around other cats. It is HIGHLY contagious between cats. Only thing that we can think of is a few years back he got out and got in a REALLY bad fight with another cat. Could be that but who really knows. He is only six years old. He is so young for a cat. We have decided to just keep him as comfortable as possible but are not going to go to heroic measures to save him. As long as he is comfortable we will keep him with us. He doesn't seem to be in pain or anything. The only reason we found out is because my mom noticed how skinny he was getting...he lives with my mom and dad because Eric is allergic to him. I am sad. Peyton is my little man. I am not sure what else to really say. I am so thankful that my folks can take such good care of him for me.


Vanessa said...

I hope he does well on the meds!! I know how much it hurts to see one of our fur babies sick!!

Beth's Blog said...

Oh, I am sorry about your kitty :(

Daphne said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. We lost our kitty a few years ago and he left a whole in our hearts. I hope your kitty can be treated.