Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sixteen of Thirty

Oh no! I missed a day. Oh well. That darn book was too good to put down last night and honestly after a long day at work my nice warm bed and that book was more appealing than getting up to get the computer. :0) Twilight is really good so far. I am not really far into it yet but what I have read so far is awesome and I can't wait to read more...stupid house work will keep me from doing just that most of today though.

I haven't posted many recent pics of Grayce lately so I thought I would today. Here is one from yesterday that my dad took of her out in the first falling snow of the year.



Beth's Blog said...

Hello there! Sorry I haven't got back to you till now.

I like the picture. I bet she is licking the rain/snow that we had yesterday. We went grocery shopping in it :(.

I haven't got to Craft 2000 yet, the weekend has not went as I planned. I let you know when I do.

I liked the movie. I thought it was very funny! :)

Vanessa said...

I wonder if she was trying to see if the raindrops would taste like lemon drops?? LOL She's too cute!

Myshel said...

Man, day 15 was rough on more than just you. I forgot about it too. So much going on with Bran and his recovery. Anyway, loved the pic.