Saturday, November 1, 2008

First of Thirty

Happy November! Today is the first day of National Blog month. Happy Blog Month!

Not much going on around here today. Eric is still at work (from 3PM yesterday afternoon). This working nights thing is for the birds. Thank goodness this is the last day. Grayce and I are going to meet my mom for lunch in a little bit at Max and Erma's (or Hallie's place as G calls it...Hallie works there) and then her and my mom are off to see Hollywood Chihuahua while I head to work. Grayce is spending the night with my mom and dad. Hopefully Eric will come home and sleep this afternoon so that when I get off at 9:00 tonight him and I can hang out for a little bit. I feel like I have not seen him all week.

We didn't do anything big for Halloween. Just went and had dinner with MaRose at the Mel-O-Dee. YUMMY!

That is it for today...already I feel as if this month of blogging could get real boring real quick. What to blog about? Ideas?