Monday, November 3, 2008

Third of Thirty

Guess what? I actually have something to blog about tonight. So my boss has been telling me for a few weeks about this Elf on the Shelf thing. I had never heard of this before. It is a figurine elf that comes with a book explaining what to do with it. In a nutshell, the elf is sent from Santa to watch over children leading up to the Holiday Season. You have to name him, and every night he flies up north to report to Santa on how you have been that day. Each night he moves from place to place in your house. He may follow you to grandma and grandpas house, or who knows where else he may show up. ;0) Well my boss picked one up for me when he want to Indiana (can't find them around here anywhere) this past weekend. So our elf showed up tonight. Grayce decided to name HER Nia. Here is a picture of her below.

So far Grayce's behavior has been wonderful since Nia showed up. I think this could work to our advantage. ;0) (you can get one on the website that I listed above)

So the other thing that I have to blog about tonight is my new found creativity. I will say that I have NEVER been a very creative person. A lady I work with is however, and has turned me on to scrap booking, and stamping. Well I am REALLY enjoying the stamping. I have decided to make my own Christmas cards this year and started today. Below is one of my creations (if you read my blog and I send you a Christmas card close your eyes if you don't want to see one of the many cards you may receive).

It is hard to tell in this picture but the blob looking thing in the center is a silver snowman. I am pretty proud of myself. I think it turned out well for my first try. My friend Karen would be so proud. She makes her own cards all of the time. I can't wait to send her one of mine this year and see the look on her face when she sees I made my own card. LOL!


Vanessa said...

Those cards are ADORABLE!!! I wish I had that kind of talent!!

Beth's Blog said...

I like the cards! :) very cute!

sadly Kelly, the DREAM HOUSE is actually on the market for 50 k less then our current 1700+ sq bi-level that we just bought. Location, location, location!

Ellen said...

I love the elf idea. Maybe it will help my 3 year old get dressed in the morning.