Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So we have not had power since 3:00PM Sunday. Thanks Ike! Who in the world would have thought that a hurricane that hit in Texas could have such a huge (not nearly as huge as in Texas though) impact in Ohio??? There are still over 200,000 people in our area without power and they are saying it could be days until it is restored. There are still traffic lights out in our town, so I am guessing we are no where near getting our power back since those traffic lights are probably more important to them (which is understandable...but still sucks). There is a huge shortage on ice and gas. Since there is no power there is no way to pump the gas into the stations, which has made the stations that do have power run out of gas because everyone is freaking out. With no power there is no way to cool the fridge/freezers, so ice is in high demand. I actually just saw on the news that people are selling ice on the side of the highways for $5.00 per bag...I hope they are kidding. $5.00 for ice!!! What happened to the mentality of help thy neighbor??? We will have to replace everything in our fridge. I did save the meat from the freezer by taking it to my mom and dads...who are lucky enough to have had their power restored Monday morning. We stayed there last night and it looks like we will most likely do the same tonight. You never know how much electric means to you until you don't have it. Our house is going to start to stink soon from the food in the fridge spoiling. I think I may go over there after work and trash it all to avoid that. I am at work now, which is the only reason I am able to post. I am a little frazzled since the cost of having to replace our entire food supply (fridge wise that is) was not in the monthly budget. We leave for vacation in three weeks (THANK GOD!) and I think that is the only thing keeping me sane...having that to look forward to. We won't have as much money to spend while down there now, but oh well...I just want to be on the beach. NOW!

No pictures for today. Gotta get ready to close up here at work so I don't have time. :0(


Beth's Blog said...

Kelly, I can't believe you still don't have power. I keep checking your page to see how it is going. Josh teaches at Northridge High school and today is the first day of school for him....but most of their students don't have any power yet!

Melissa said...

WHAT! No powder... oh I would go crazy!