Monday, September 29, 2008

My Halloween Decorations Are Up!!!

Okay, I know it is not even October yet, but I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!! Having a kid who's birthday is the day before Halloween makes it even funner!!! So since I am off today I thought I would put up my decorations. Here they are...

Eric's awesome Target find!

Grayce says this is spooky

My cheap Craft 2000 buy ($3.97).

The table cloth is my new favorite Halloween buy.
Close up of the table cloth.

Candle that matches the table cloth.

Sign for the front door.

Spider candle holder.

My mums...I love mums!

Last night we went to my mom and dad's house for dinner and we went back to feed the neighbor's horses. I stole an idea from Beth's Blog, and took pictures of the horses and turned them black and white and hung them in the kitchen (you can see the big idea in the picture above of the kitchen table).

Feeding the horses.

Picture of the horses.

Another horse picture.

One more.

And this was just funny. This random cat was sitting on top of my parents water fall drinking the water.


Beth's Blog said...

I love the pictures of the horses! I also love the Halloween stuff! The table cloth was my favorite too! I made the chicken and swiss recipe Saturday. It was really, really good.