Thursday, September 25, 2008


OMG!!! I cannot believe we leave for vacation in 15 days!!! Right now that feels like 15 too many. LOL! I am so ready for this vacation it is not even funny! For some reason I am more excited about this vacation than I have been in years past...which makes no sense since we go to the same place every year. I think it may be because EVERYONE is going. My mom, dad, MaRose, Hallie, O, Linda, Tim, Jeff, Melanie, Kayla, Jon, Terry, Ralph (and maybe their grandson Landon...which will be great for G), Grayce, Josh, Eric, and I. WOW that is a lot of people. Good thing we have a big house. It is going to be so much fun! This two weeks is just going to drag though. It always does. But hey at least it is only two weeks...we booked the house in February so we have been counting down for a LONG time!

Things are getting back to normal at the house. We got all of the laundry caught up. Although, it needs to be done again. The food is slowly starting to add back up in the fridge. My mom was so nice and went and bought us a bunch of condiments which really helped. I am glad we were able to save the freezer stuff, because that would have been horrible to have to get rid of all of that meat. The lights flickered (for some odd reason) last night and Eric and I just laughed because we both keep saying that we feel like it is just too good to be true. He said last night that if it goes out again we are not waiting to see if it comes back on. He said we are packing up the fridge and heading back to my folks' house. I don't blame him at all for feeling that way. We are very lucky though to have our power back on. There are still about 4,300 (last I heard) people without. Hopefully it will not be much longer for those people.

Grayce's birthday is coming up in a little over a month, and we still need to get her party scheduled. She wants to have it at the bowling alley. One of her little friends from school had his there and they all had a great time. I think it is actually a pretty good deal too. $45 (for 10 kids) gets two lanes, all shoe rentals, pizza, drinks, and a special treat for the birthday kiddo. Compared to other places I have looked in to, they are the best. The movie theatre and Young's were both going to be around $150-$175 for ten kids.

She has decided for Halloween she wants to be Snow White. Her teacher from school is going to bring her little boy (who is also in her class) over to trick or treat at my mom and dads (nice place to go) so that should be really fun!

With all that has been going on this week and having to catch up on house work I have not really taken any new pics. But since G has dance class tonight I thought I would post the video of her recital from last year.

Tomorrow is Favorite Foto Friday, so more pics tomorrow...PROMISE!!!


Beth's Blog said...

I use my crock pot about that much too!
You have me all excited about your vacation now......I hope you have fun! :) I love the beach too and with everyone going it will be nice I am sure.

Beth's Blog said...

Oh My the salsa Chicken and the Swiss chicken sound so good! I love chicken! I'll probably make one this weekend and let you know how it goes!