Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Grandparents Day!!!

Happy grandparents day. I could not even put into words what my mom and dad mean to us. Grayce adores them both, and you could not ask for better grandparents. They are always going above and beyond for their little "G-G". Grayce is for sure grampy's girl...although she sure does love her some mamaw too. They both love to spoil her rotten. I don't think either of them can walk into a store and not come out with something for her. They have been such a great support for us. They will never know what they truly mean to me...and to Grayce to.

Mamaw changing Grayce's diaper.

Oh the humanity!

One of my favorite pictures...EVER!

Grayce and Papaw at the beach last year.

Grayce and Papaw about a week or so ago.

And of course I have to give some love to my mamaw, MaRose. I love my mamaw so much and have so many wonderful childhood memories from being with her and my grandpa. Going to the pumpkin farm, Christmas mornings, Sunday lunches, my grandpa smashing our hands in our birthday cake when we were little (I am so glad that my grandpa was still here for Grayce's first birthday and got to carry on that tradition with her), and so many more things. My grandpa and grandma always made sure my sister and I had a good time.

MaRose with Grayce at the hospital after she was born.

MaRose and Grampy June. I miss him so much!
I looked all over the house for a picture of my grandpa and grandma from my dads side and can't find any of them. I will have to look at my mom and dads house for some. I wish they would have been able to meet Grayce I know they would have adored her. Grayce for sure has some of their traits. The girl cannot do any kind of coloring, or project with out sticking her tongue grandma did the exact same thing. I miss them both a lot too!