Friday, September 19, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday...The "HOPE" Edition

This weeks Favorite Foto Friday theme is HOPE. Right now, this is what I hope for:

No, really in all seriousness our problems are so small when it comes to the big picture. There are people out there with much bigger issues than not having power. It could be much worse.

Things that give me HOPE or that I HOPE for:

  1. The inspiration for the "HOPE" theme. Jacob, gives me HOPE. I have followed this story for a very long time now, and this family has NEVER given up HOPE. They are truly an inspiration!
  2. Jenny Scott gives me HOPE. The organization that she developed after losing her daughter has done AMAZING things. I have never met her, but there should be A LOT more people out there like her...people willing to help others.
  3. I HOPE that one day there is a cure for cancer, so that families do not have to go through what the Duckworth's and the Scott's have gone through.
  4. I HOPE that our troops come home safely!
  5. I HOPE that every person who was effected by Ike (and any other natural disasters) are safe and healthy.

Putting things in perspective...things could be much worse. Us not having power is nothing compared to what others have gone through. We are very blessed!


Debbie said...

What a great post on hope!! Amen and Amen!!


Anonymous said...

Great post on HOPE. I hope you get power back soon.


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Isabella's mom said...

i agree although through the many hurricanes i have been in, sometimes only my lack i could see,
thanks for the reminder