Friday, September 12, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday-The "Pick Your Own Theme" Edition

Yippy! It is Favorite Foto Friday! This weeks theme was to pick your own theme. I am picking Favorite Vacation Pictures as my theme. Now since we go to the same place every year (Outer Banks) this could also be classified as Favorite Beach Pictures as well. I had a REALLY hard time picking just a few, so this is going to be a long one! Here we go...

Building sand castles...her favorite thing to do at the beach.

Looking at the ocean with amazement.

Looking for sea shells with Papaw and Johnathan.

Beach walk with Papaw.

Super Model Pose.

More sand castles.

Wanting to be just like mom.

Going swimming with daddy.

The beach can wear a girl out.

Not a picture of G, but the hardest puzzle I have ever done. It took us the entire week we were there to complete it.

Searching for sea shells with aunt Hallie.

Is there anything better than having your birthday at the beach? She picked her theme...hula girl.

Opening presents for her birthday.

The family.


Sarah said...

LOVE Beach photos... they are my absolute favorite for some reason!! Grayce is adorable in all of them!

Hannah said...

Great pictures! What a little doll you have.


Beth's Blog said...

I Love the pictures......I love the looks like you guys had so much fun!

Tracy'sspace said...

Some great pictures there, especially the supermodel one and the one on the deck chair!

Beth's Blog said...

oh....and I have never tried pumpkin ice cream...but it doesn't very good. I love candles....I will have to check out Bath & Body works ones...I love that store. Tatum is going to be a care bear for Halloween but the boys keep changing their who knows? What is Grayce going to be?

Rebecca said...

So cute! Grayce is such a sweet girl (: Love the beach pics!
Have a great weekend~

Sue said...

Beach pics are great! Nothing better than going to the beach with your family.

Ellen said...

I love the picture of her staring into the ocean. Beautiful!

Rachel said...

Ahh - love the pic of her and daddy walking on the beach!!

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Sarah said...

Great photos! I love one with the model pose :) She's adorable!

Megan said...

OK I pulled hubby to the computer and insisted that we go to the beach this year! Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing!

Leslie said...

oh i love the beach!!!! Grayce is sooo adorable!


Kelly said...

Love the beach and your daughter is a stunner!!!Have a great weekend!

Stacy said...

Ooh! I love vacation pictures!!
Your daughter looks so adorable at the beach!!!