Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Two Funny Videos!

Not much going on with us. We had our sweet corn that we bought at the festival for dinner last night and it was WONDERFUL!!! After that Hallie came over to check her email and that was it...we lead such a glamorous life!!!

I have two videos that I thought I would post today since we are so boring and I have nothing to post about. LOL! The first one is from the other day when we were swimming at my mom and dad's. I tried to post it with the other pictures that I posted but for some reason my computer didn't feel like doing it properly that day so I thought I would try it again. I will call this one, "When Alligators Attack"...

This next one was from last night...I guess we did have a little entertainment. LOL! Any guesses as to who was the one offering up the entertainment? You guessed it, Ms. G herself. I will call this one "When No One is Looking"...(you can't really hear the music but she is playing with her Hannah Montana Learn to Dance Mat. Keep an eye out for that tooshie shake...hilarious!)

I cannot believe that she did not see us standing in her door way when she was doing her turns. She is going to be a star that's for sure!