Saturday, August 16, 2008

Off to Mamaw and Papaw's House

Not much going on today. Eric is at work and Grayce and I just ran to Krispy Kreme (YUM-O) for breakfast. Right now we are just sitting here watching Hannah Montana (her fave!) and she is coloring. She just stopped me to tell me that she wrote me a poem. Here is her poem:


How cute is that? She was so proud!

Grayce is going to spend the night with mamaw and papaw tonight. She normally will go over there for the night on Saturday's if they are not doing something. She looks forward to this all week long asking "how many more sleeps until mamaw and papaw's?". Mamaw and Papaw sure do love to spoil her...actually I can't really think of anyone who doesn't. I bought this bag a few weeks ago from the gift shop at Young's Dairy:

Isn't that hilarious! That pretty much sums up her time at their house.

So Eric and I have the night to ourselves. Nothing planned. Maybe we will go rent a movie. Or maybe we will be in bed asleep at 8:30 like last night. HA HA!

Well since Grayce is going to mamaw and papaw's house I thought I would post some pictures with her and them. Here comes the cuteness!

Grayce and Papaw-OBX 2007

Grayce, Mamaw, and Papaw-OBX 2007

Grayce and Papaw-OBX 2007

Ok, so all of the beach pictures are making me wish it was October and we were on our way there.