Thursday, August 28, 2008

OCD much!?

So I think my child has a mild (okay maybe a little more than mild :0)) case of OCD when it comes to bedtime. These are the items that HAVE TO be in her bed each and every night, and of course they MUST be in their proper place.

  1. Prayer bear
  2. Bear with papaw's picture on it
  3. Water (WITH ICE!!!)
  4. Spare Woobies
  5. Bunny is under there somewhere
  6. Ice Pack (I have yet to figure this one out)
  7. Fan pointed directly at her (even if it is 10 below zero) (not pictured)
  8. Tinkerbell Christmas lights-ON! (not pictured)

Once all of these things are in their proper place (heaven forbid you put the prayer bear on the inside of the papaw bear) then mommy has to give her kisses and tuck her in. During this time daddy is not permitted in the room. Once mommy has given her kisses and tucked Grayce in, THEN daddy can come in, but ONLY after mommy has gone out and told him that Grayce wants her kisses. Once daddy gives her kisses THEN she will go to sleep. If these things are not in their proper place and/or done in the correct order then just forget have ruined her night! LOL!

Loving my crazy girl...