Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our Trip To Young's Dairy

This past weekend Grayce had her friend Lawson over. We took the girls to Young's Dairy for a little game of putt-putt as well as some ice just can't go to Young's and not get ice cream. They had a blast but these pictures will only make it more obvious that I never have my camera at the right time. I had my camera with me when we were inside eating our ice cream, but stupidly put my purse in my car while we went to putt-putt. Where was the camera for the what would have been great putt-putt pictures??? In my purse, in my car! DUH! These pictures are still cute though.

Grayce and Lawson

Grayce and Josh

Grayce and Daddy

We all had a great time. Grayce is actually surprisingly good at putt-putt. The first time we went (a few months ago) she walked up to the very first hole putted the ball and got a hole in one, and proceeded to get two more during that game. It was so funny. She thought that was so cool, because not even mommy and daddy could do that.