Saturday, August 23, 2008

Missing My Girl

It is Saturday which means that Grayce is spending the night with mamaw and papaw. I have not been feeling well today...feels like strep. I have been in bed resting all day. Eric has been so good to me today and has stepped up in helping around the house.

I miss my girl when she is not here. I can't wait to see her tomorrow!!! I don't really have any fun new photos to post today because we really have not done much this week, so I will post a picture from back in June when we took G to Kings Island for the first time. Her face in this picture makes me laugh so much. Anytime I am in a bad mood I look at this picture and it instantly cheers me up. This was her first ride on the Beastie and she loved it! She made her brother go back and ride it with her a second time. My girl is for sure going to be a roller coaster girl, which is good because we are all roller coaster lovers. Now her cousin Rylan on the other hand...well she is the one in front of G and I. As you can tell by the look on her face she was not pleased to be on the Beastie.

Missing my girl...