Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Glue, glue, stick to the glue. Stick to the glue my darlin'!"

Our conversation on the ride home from school yesterday...

Me: How was your field trip today?
G: Fine.
Me: What did you guys do?
G: They read us a story and then we got to dance.
Me: Well that sounds fun. What song did you guys dance to?
G: You know, that stick to the glue song.
Me: No, sing it for me.
G: Glue, glue stick to the glue. Glue, glue, stick to the glue. Glue, glue stick to the glue. Stick to the glue my darlin'.

It took everything in my body not to laugh...I didn't want to her know it was wrong because I wanted to get in on video, and I was able to. Here it is (ignore her nasty looking hair...they had just got done playing in the water table at school right before I had picked her up).

Other than this fun little song, nothing really going on. Josh (Eric's 16 year old son) came out last night and will be with us until Sunday. It is always fun when he is with us because Grayce just adores him. Any time that she hears he is coming she gets so excited..."JOSHIE IS COMING!!!". He is very good and very patient with her. We went and got snow cones last night and they of course loved that. Grayce was up super late last night. She usually does that Josh's first night back with us because she is just so super excited and wants to spend time with him.

Is anyone out there? If you are visiting please leave a comment. I feel like I am talking to myself...which is okay, but it would be much better if this could be interactive.


Beth's Blog said...

Thank You, you have a beautiful family too. It was nice to talk to you :)