Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy October

Well since today is officially October and I have been telling Grayce for weeks that she had to wait until it was at least October 1st to wear any Halloween outfits, guess what miss thang HAD to wear today.

Check out that cheese!
As I said yesterday, having a kid with a birthday the day before Halloween makes it super fun! She loves it and has SO MANY Halloween outfits, so I am sure this is only the beginning of super cute Halloween outfit pictures.

Happy October!!!


Beth's Blog said...

She looks very cute :)
That soup sounds very good! I might have to try that TODAY!!! lol...

Beth's Blog said...

I like the new page. I loved the soup, it was soo good!
I love sweater turtlenecks! WE do have a lot of the same stuff in common :)
Thanks for the BMV info.