Friday, October 10, 2008

FAVORITE FOTO FRIDAY~ The "Octoberfest (What does October Mean to You?)" Edition

It's Favorite Foto Friday y'all! Yippee! This one was so easy for me. What does October mean to me? October to me means the funnest month of the whole favorite month of the whole year. Why? My little angel baby was born in the month of October! When I think of October I think of happiness, fun parties, the smell of fall (LOVE IT!), bon-fires, pumpkin patches, cakes, and so many more things. Here are a few of my favorite October pictures...again some may be repeats but they are my faves!

Grayce's 1st birthday. My grandpa (above) had a tradition of taking mine and my sister's hands and smashing them in our cake when we were little. I am so glad that he lived long enough to be able to do that with Grayce. He passed about two months after her birthday that year. I miss him terribly! Just looking at this picture brings tears to my eyes. My dad now carries on that tradition and he is now the one who smashes the hands.

I love first birthday cake pictures!

Blowing out the candle on her third birthday.


I got her a bounce house for her third birthday and we put it up in the garage for the entire week prior to her party...she LOVED it!!!

Fourth birthday at the beach!

This past weekend at Young's.

So, I am scheduling this post since we leave Friday for the beach. I don't think I will have much time to get to posting that day so I will give this scheduling thing a whirl. I will be coming at ya from the lovely coast of North Carolina next time!


Tracy said...

She is so cute. Love all the birthday, seeing her grow up. Have a grat time at the beach!

Vanessa said...

I love it when traditions can carry on!!

Terri said...

What sweet little cutie's you have!

Faithful Froggers said...

Yes, October looks like a fun month at your house. It was so neat to watch Grayce grow up in the pictures. She is beautiful.

Thanks for the srapblog site! It is a great one and so easy to use. Your header looks great. I'm sure my mom will love it.