Saturday, January 31, 2009


Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for the well wishes with the new baby. I am feeling really tired still and a little sick this morning. Still have not actually thrown up but have still been feeling sick. I am not sure if it is the vitamins or what but something leaves a horrible taste in my mouth ALL THE TIME, as well as makes me feel like I have something stuck in the back of my throat ALL THE TIME! It is really annoying. I think I may ask the doctor to switch my vitamins to a different kind (I had to have them do that with G too) and see if that helps.

This has been a crazy week. We got hit with a HUGE ice/snow storm and were off work for two of those days happened to be my birthday! What a great gift that was. Nothing better than a day off and getting paid for it (and not being charged with leave). Grayce only went to school two days this week...Monday and Friday. I think she was ready to get back to school and see her friends by Friday. She was an angel all week for me though and that I was very thankful for since I have not been feeling so hot.

Here are some pics from the past week...


Myshel said...

Im not sure I would use that in her hair either, but a friend of mine use to use baby lotion to keep her daughters hair in place. She also had really fine hair. Maybe give that a shot.. LOL

Love the pics!

Beth's Blog said...

Happy belated birthday Kelly! :)

I hope that all is going well and you are feeling better.