Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pink Eye!-Oh the fun!

So anyone out there have any tips on getting a five year old to take her eye drops without it taking a half hour? Anyone? I will try anything. We have tried bribing with just about everything you can think of and still nothing works. My girl has had pink eye since Sunday and I took her to the doc yesterday to get some drops. Every time it takes at least a half hour to get to to stop screaming and to clam down long enough to just get it done with. Needless to say this is going to be a VERY LONG four days...she has to take them through Friday 4 times per day. Oy Vey!

Nothing much else going on around here. We are praying for Eric's job safety at work. They laid off 40 people yesterday and it is getting a little scary. They keep insuring him that he is fine, but when you see 40 of your peers (some who have been there 25 years (Eric has almost been there 2)) walk out the door two weeks before Christmas it can stress you out. Poor Eric is really stressed. He is trying his hardest to take it one day at a time and to not think about it but that is hard to do this time of year. We have not even started our Christmas shopping yet, and honestly I am afraid to...what if he does get laid off? I doubt he will since he is really one of the only maintenance guys who knows those machines inside and out but still...

Grayce made the news this past Saturday in the local paper. We had the Holiday Tree lighting for the entire base at my work Friday night and a photographer snapped her. Thought I would post that for the day.

That is her, bottom middle.

We are going to get three new fish today. Our crabs died (AKA went to live with Josh...I could not bring my self to tell her that they died after losing the cat the same week...don't think she would have done well with losing three more pets) and she decided she wanted some fish. We got the tank set up yesterday and it is all ready for some fish. I will post pics of the tank when it has fish in it.

You know since this whole pink eye thing has bought me two days off maybe I should get off my butt and get my Christmas cards out...that would be lovely! We will see if motivation strikes me. LOL!