Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas...a day late.

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a great holiday with their family and friends. We had a great Christmas. I would have to rank it up there with one of my tops. Not because of any present but because it really felt awesome to spend time with my family. Christmas Eve we spent the night at my mom and dads house and my mom bought HUGE fillet mingions for dinner. They were WONDERFUL, and VERY big! 10 oz. each! Santa also made his annual visit that night as well (the local VFW does an annual fund raiser where they come around on Christmas Eve dressed as Santa to visit the kids. You have to request a visit and they will come out for a donation).

Greeting Santa at the door.
With Santa and her present.
Playing with her Barbies that Santa brought her. She got a girl and a boy Barbie. She told me a few days ago that she needed to put a boy Barbie on her list because Grampy was sick of playing with girl Barbies. But she wanted to make sure that I put on the list that it was for Grampy so that Santa would not count it as one of her gifts. LOL!

Setting out the cookies for Santa and the carrots for the reindeer for when they come back later that night.

Before the madness.

Testing out the new bike.
Making cupcakes with Grampy and Daddy.
The New Leapster Reading Pen rocks!

Napping with Mamaw after breakfast...she had us up at 5:45.

Joshua opening his Xbox 360.
The next two items are my two favorite gifts.

The HP Photosmart. The most awesome photo printer EVER! This thing is amazing! It can print from any camera card out there. It will print up to a 5X7. You can add frames or words (the picture at the top in my header on the right was done with the framing feature, then I scanned it in). You can get rid of red eye, name it, you can do it on there. No computer required. All of the edits that I would normally have to do on the computer I can do right on there prior to printing. AWESOME!
But, the next gift does not even compare. It is probably one of my favorite gifts I have EVER gotten. It is a necklace from my dad and my Mom, MaRose, Hallie (my sister), and myself all received the exact same ones. The awesome thing about it though, they we made from my grandpa's wedding ring. He had it melted down and made in to necklaces for us.

Isn't it beautiful! I laid in bed last night and held it and just cried. It really means so much to me. My dad apparently had taken his ring off of him right before the casket was closed and has been wanting to do this since then. It sounds funny to say but it makes me feel closer to my grandpa. Knowing that I have that little piece of him...the last thing to ever touch him, it is overwhelming to think about. It really meas so much to me. I miss him so much, but this helps.
I hope that everyone had as great of a Christmas was we did. We are truly blessed. My family means more to me than anything in this world. I love them all so very much. I am so lucky to have such an amazing family! I have never felt so blesses.

Happy Holidays!


Beth's Blog said...

I hope you guys had a Very Merry Christmas!!! It looks like you did...I love the picture with all three of you. :)