Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ninth of Thirty

Just got back from staying the weekend at my mom and dad's house. They had a Corvette thing down at the National Corvette Museum this weekend so we MaRose-sat. Grayce and I went to Craft 2000 (LOVE that store) on Friday to look for some more stamps (Yes I am hooked and so is she) for cards and it just happened to be that they were having a HUGE stamp sale. They had bins and bins and bins of stamps for $1 each. That is unheard of! They are usually $3.99 at the very cheapest and can go up to $12.99 (at least that is the highest I have ever seen). So we picked up a BUNCH of new stamps. I even got some for future holidays. So Grayce card-ed all weekend. She is really enjoying this also. I have created a monster.
She is spending the night with my mom and dad tonight so it is just Eric and I. Not sure what her deal is lately but since she turned 5 it is like she thinks she is the boss. Not just here but apparently at school as well. Girl really needs to lose the sass big time! She got in trouble at school on Thursday and lost her TV for the night, then has been a bear to handle this weekend as well. Hopefully this will be a short lived attitude problem.
So have you tired the Pringle Cracker Sticks? LOVE THEM! I have only tried the honey-butter and the pizza ones though so far. So far I am LOVING the honey-butter ones. They are to die for. Grayce cracked me up the other day. We were having some for our afternoon snack and she asked me what they were and I told here that they were honey-butter Pringle Sticks. She just started cracking up. I asked her what was so funny and she said "It think it is funny that I HATE butter and I HATE honey, but I LOVE these things". LOL!!! That is my funny girl!


Vanessa said...

That's too funny! I can remember when I was a kid thinking I HATE tomatoes but I LOVE ketchup!!

Beth's Blog said...

Where is that craft store? I have never heard of it.