Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Princess!

So today went better than I thought it would. I have not far. I woke up this morning and Grayce ran in the room and asked "DID I GROW?". LOL!!! And she was so serious when she asked. I told her she looked like she grew a mile. I then made her waffles for breakfast (her fave). We watched the new Tinkerbell movie that we had gotten her, which was really cute. Then we just hung out and played for the rest of the afternoon. I had an eye doctor appointment this afternoon so my sister came over to watch Grayce while I was gone. Hallie walked in and Grayce asked "are you going to babysit me...I mean KID sit me?". LOL!!! Don't even think of calling her a baby anymore. We then went over to my mom and dad's house to trick or treat. Little Snow White hit the jack pot with candy! She ate so much though that it gave ME a tummy ache. She is now passed out in her bed...girl did not stop all day long. I will close out with some trick or treat pictures from tonight. Happy Birthday G G! And Happy Halloween to everyone else.

~Something funny happened today. Grayce found a penny on the ground and gave it to me and told me that she wanted me to have it. It was made in 2003. The year she was born. I just thought that was funny that of all pennies for her to find on her birthday it would happen to be one from the year she was born.


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Her Halloween costume is so cute :)